Life on Earth “To Do” List App

All Life on Earth employees use and application on their Iphone that processes their Replacement/Requests to the company. They note the location they are at, type in the requested data, take picture of the plant they would like replaced and submit it to our account in the cloud. That information automatically gets transmitted to our corporate office where it is placed on a “to do” action list. The operations manager then receives those requests on his Iphone and checks them off as “completed” when the task is executed. This is how we stay on top of things at LOE!

GPS Time Tracking

To manage our employees and collect data for our clients we use an electronic management and reporting system.  Each Life on Earth service technician carries an Iphone installed with an application that tracks the “IN” and “OUT” time of service at your location.  This system is governed by a GPS and each employee’s route is tracked, monitored and recorded at the corporate office main frame. At the end of each month, a report will be generated and sent by email that indicates when your account was serviced, by whom, and if there was any additional work done, installations, replacements, color rotations, etc.  No more paper receipts!!

Since we all have iPhones, we also communicate and report to each other in “real time”.  We not only can call, but we can text, take photos of plants or situations and send email, right from the field.  Our goal is to be able to serve the customer faster and more efficiently.