Since 1986, Life on Earth has gained a reputation for being an industry leader for innovative tropical plant designs.  Whether it is a newly built office space that has a modern deisgn or an older building lobby that needs an updated look, Life on Earth’s award winning interior plant designs can surely be an enhancement.

At Life on Earth, we understand that each interior environment and décor is unique and requires a thoughtful eye when deciding which plants and planters are best suited to enhance a client’s interior space.   With literally dozens of options and combinations of plants and planters we will ultimately design a plantscape that best matches the interior environment while keeping in mind the client’s budgetary parameters.

Office designs and building architecture are always evolving and Life on Earth, LLC is pleased to be a member of the Association of Interior Architects (AIA).  The future of interior plantscapes resides in the cooperative ideas of interior architects and interior plant designers.  Life on Earth will continue to be at the forefront of our industry to offer its clients the best in interior plantscaping services.